Best Fall Hair Colors 2023: Women’s Hair Color Trends & Ideas

Searching for in-vogue hair colors this fall. In 2023, embrace lively reds like red hot reddish and copper tones. These tints add warmth and sparkle to any appearance. Or on the other hand pick a cinnamon hair tone, ideal for the comfortable change from summer to fall. With its fiery tones, blowing some people’s minds is certain.

For those hankering a sun-kissed vibe, caramel balisage is the best approach. The rich features consistently mix into your base, offering aspect and brilliance. Anything that you style. these fall hair patterns make certain to keep you looking stylish and on-pattern the entire season.

Fox Hair

The “fox hair” craze is bringing back fiery auburn and copper tones in a big way. These red-based shades flatter nearly every skin tone while adding an enviable radiant glow. A few ways to rock the foxy look:

All-over copper base: Go for a solid, uniform copper hue from roots to ends for maximum impact and warmth.

Copper balayage: Weave ribbons of copper throughout your base shade for a softer, more blended effect.

Copper with blonde balayage: Brighten up an auburn base with buttery blonde balayage highlights for a multi-dimensional, sun-kissed vibe.

Cinnamon Fall Hair Colour

Nothing epitomizes the cozy feeling of fall quite like the warm spicy hues of cinnamon hair color. This rich brunette shade boasts delicious red undertones that give strands a high wattage shine and vibrancy.

Cinnamon is the perfect transitional shade that bridges the gap between summer and fall notes celebrity colourist Michael Canelé. It has just enough red to feel fresh but is still deeply delicious for autumn.

You can go for an all-over cinnamon base or ask your stylist for cinnamon balayage highlights blended softly throughout if you want a more subtle low-maintenance vibe.

Caramel Balayage 

Caramel Balayage 

Kiss those cool, ashy blonde tones goodbye and say hello to buttery, delicious caramel hues for fall 2023. This inviting hair color trend features Sunkissed ribbons of golden caramel seamlessly melted into your base.

Caramel balayage creates gorgeous depth and multi-tonal dimension that complements golden and olive complexions beautifully. It also expertly camouflages brassiness or yellow undertones for a lush, expensive-looking tone.

Face-Framing Highlights

If you love your current hair color but want an easy way to refresh and brighten your look, ask your stylist for some strategic face-framing highlights. Placing a sweep of golden blonde pieces around the face creates a flattering halo effect that illuminates and enhances your features.

Face-framing highlights are an incredibly low-maintenance way to breathe new life into your hair and skin for fall, says celebrity colorist Rita Hazan. As the highlighted pieces grow out, they blend in seamlessly so you can stretch appointments further apart.

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Barbie Blonde

From the big screen to real life, the iconic “Barbie blonde” shade is resurfacing as one of fall’s hottest hair colour trends. This vividly cool, platinum hue makes a major statement and is sure to turn heads.

It’s a high-maintenance shade that may require frequent salon visits to maintain its icy vibrant tone. But if you are prepared to go full bombshell, don’t be shy this season. the richer the better for this ultra-blonde look.

Chestnut Hair Colour

Deep rich chestnut brown hair will never go out of style, and it continues reigning as an autumn Favorite in 2023. This season’s iteration leans into warmer hues, adding auburn and reddish undertones for extra depth and dimension.

Chestnut is a gorgeous neutral that looks gorgeous on nearly everyone notes Matrix Celebrity Colourist George Papanikolas. It feels cosy and luxurious, perfect for fall.

The lush shade looks fabulous on fair and olive skin tones alike. Ask for subtle golden ribbons woven throughout to enhance the colour’s radiance.

Dark Brown with Highlights

Dark Brown with Highlights

Classic brunettes can easily elevate their signature shade for fall in an ultra-flattering way: By adding ribbons of delicate golden brown, honey, or caramel highlights. These brighter accents, strategically placed to frame the face, instantly deliver a brightening warmth and glow.

We love to add a few highlights around the crown and face for our brunette clients each fall explains Sharon Doran Master Colorist at Sharon Dorran Color at Luigi Russo. It is a subtle adjustment that breathes so much new life and dimension into the hair.

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Honey Blonde Hair Color

Nothing epitomizes autumn’s warm, buttery tones quite like radiant honey blonde hair. This ultra-flattering shade fuses sunny golden undertones with dimensional ribbons for an overall inviting, candlelit glow.

Unlike brassy orange or yellow tones, honey blonde has a softer, more elevated feel that still disguises unwanted brassiness lingering in the hair. It’s low-maintenance yet always looks freshly coloured thanks to its seamless blended effect.

Honey blonde is a little more golden and multi-tonal than your standard beige or flat blonde explains celebrity colourist Richy Kandasamy. That extra depth and dimension make it such a universally flattering shade no matter your skin tone.

Champagne Tone

For the blonde who dares to be a little different, unique “champagne” and mushroom ash blonde tones feel distinctly modern and fresh for fall 2023. This cool platinum blonde features smoky, desaturated undertones blended with strategic ashy highlights for a multi-dimensional yet edgy finish.

This shade is perfect if you loved the cool tones of last year’s expensive brunette’ hair colour trend but crave an icier vibe notes celebrity stylist Andrew Fitzsimons. It has an understated glamour that feels uniquely luxurious.

Chocolate Hairstyle 

Chocolate Hairstyle 

Make way for fall’s deep, delicious chocolate brown hair color trend. This rich brunette has intense cool espresso undertones and screams luxury. The dimensional, glossy finish feels elegant yet sexy like indulging in a decadent treat.

The ultra-flattering shade works beautifully on deeper skin tones. To prevent the color from falling flat, consider adding ribbons of warm caramel or honey balayage throughout for extra radiance.

Ash Blonde Hair Colour

Love the edgy, modern feel of fashion-forward blonde but want to avoid an overly icy platinum look? Then ash blonde is your beauty bullseye. This head turning shade creates the ultimate cool-toned, slightly grungy yet pretty blonde moment.

Ash-blonde gives you a more lived-in, desaturated, dusty blonde versus an opaque, pure blonde, explains Matrix Celebrity Colorist George Papanikolas. The ashy smoky undertones diffuse harsh brassiness for a soft sophisticated effect.

Viva Magenta Hair Trend

Viva Magenta Hair Trend

Viva Magenta is a crimson red tone that is powerful and expressive and fully embraces the maximalist dopamine dressing vibe notes celebrity colourist Michael Canale. The saturated fuchsia accents give hair an electrifying glowing effect.

While high-maintenance this striking rosy-red hue feels anything but shy perfect for those seeking to turn heads this fall. Pair it with a rich burgundy gloss or vibrant magenta lipstick for an unstoppable monochromatic moment.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I achieve a subtle fall hair transformation?

Consider face-framing highlights for a low-maintenance refresh that brightens your look.

Which hair color trend offers a luxurious, glossy finish?

Indulge in deep chocolate brown with espresso undertones for an elegant yet sexy vibe.

What’s the perfect blonde shade for fall?

Opt for honey blonde, blending sunny golden undertones for an inviting, candlelit glow.

How can I add dimension to classic brunette hair?

Elevate your look with delicate golden brown or caramel highlights, strategically placed for brightness and warmth.

Which bold hue is making a statement this fall?

Embrace the electrifying glow of Viva Magenta a crimson red tone with saturated fuchsia accents.


Embrace the energetic tones of pre-winter with the best fall hair shades of 2023 motivated by ordinary’s rich range. From blazing reddish-browns and coppers to warm cinnamon and honey blondies. there’s a pattern to suit each style and complexion. Whether you decide on striking changes like Barbie blonde or unpretentious updates like face outlining features.

These hair variety thoughts offer adaptability and polish. Jump into the season with profound chocolate tans or say something with Viva Red’s strong blood-red tones. With choices going from exemplary chestnuts to present-day champagne tones fall 2023 welcomes you to analyses and articulate your thoughts through your hair, praising the excellence of the time with brilliant and dynamic tones.

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